Recruitment to Study Abroad

Department of student recruitment to study abroad:
Officially licensed by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for Students Recruitment to Study Abroad and as a member of Iranian Society of Student Recruitment and moreover by obtaining agency of accredited universities and colleges in Europe and America, Behin Rahbord Danesh has created a suitable ground for those who are interested in studying abroad.
Currently, services provided by Behin Rahbord Danesh are professionally done through communicating information on websites, telephone and face-to-face consultations and running conferences with specific promotional programs.
Behin Rahbord Danesh provides all admission services of those universities and colleges who work on commission basis with us, completely free of charge for applicants, which has been received well by clients.
Therefore, Behin Rahbord Danesh has set up a free admission portal at, and provides all its free services through the portal; other cost basis services are offered under another brand named as Study Abroad Agency at www.studyabroadagency.
Behin Rahbord Danesh is currently undertaking necessary steps for launching a Student Recruitment department for china, and given the suitable educational conditions for Iranian students there, we are going to add education admission in China to Behin Rahbord Danesh basket of services shortly.
In this regard, Behin Rahbord Danesh is currently negotiating and taking the agency of prestigious China universities and soon with finalizing the processes of taking the agency, we would start recruiting students for our partner universities.
Behin Rahbord Danesh has focused its activities on recruiting students for general English courses and Academic bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels in Non- medical fields, through a direct collaboration with universities as an agent or a sub-agent.
In order to increase the quality and quantity of consulting services especially visa consultation and to increase the applicants’ success in all administrative processes, Behin Rahbord Danesh collaborates with official lawyers, reliable consulting companies and professional visa consultation teams in America and England.

Agent of the USA and the UK's Universities and Colleges.
Member of Iranian Society of Student Recruitment Institutes
Iran's Representative of Study Abroad AGENCY
Member of ICEF